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Kimberly and Emory were married at the gorgeous Rocky River Vineyard in Albemarle, NC. Their wedding was full of details and included subtle, fun elements making it casual but very romantic. The barn in the background, vine fields, sun-weathered barrels, sunflowers, koozies, and much more made this afternoon an unforgettable day.

Kimberly, Emory, their cute son Nolan, and the rest of the wedding party rocked their cowboy boots, a very different element that added fun to the day. One of our favorite moments was when Kimberly and Emory shared a third wedding ring on little Nolan’s finger. As the ceremony ended, the celebration continued, as guests enjoyed delicious food, drinks, and some enjoyable moments.

We always love to capture candid moments, like when Emory was singing to Kimberly, they merged into each other, and it seemed like the world stopped for them right there, but we captured it, and they will be able to share it with generations to come. We were thrilled to be part of their Big Day.

Thanks to my team, Diana and Michael.

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