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As artists, we never stop pursuing new and innovative ways to make each couple’s love story come to life with each snap of our cameras. You cannot capture passion without The Wedding Traveler!


Welcome to our page… Here’s some information about myself, Eugenio, my amazing wife Dani, our wonderful team, and most importantly, the WHY we want to be a part of your big day. 

We are a very passionate couple who happens to love nature, adventure, travel, and especially the interaction between all these aspects of life and human beings. Emotions make us feel alive, and that is one of the many reasons why we love weddings. 

“The Wedding Traveler” was created based on a combination of cravings we shared in life. From our desire to capture emotions at every turn, to the joy that comes from traveling around the world, it was the perfect representation of who we were.

I am a visual artist with extensive experience as an art director, motion designer, and video producer. With these tools, I have been able to produce works of art that are vivid and emotionally charged. Similarly, Dani’s passion for photography blossomed over the course of our relationship, and her attention to detail and caring personality can be seen in every project she takes on.

Over the years, we have acquired photographic stories from around the world. With each unique love story, we have mastered the art of capturing emotions and memories that match each couple we are privileged enough to work with. By getting to know the personalities and interests of each person we work with, we are able to display the very best of a couple’s loving relationship. 

Our team is excited to help you tell your story with our own artistic touch. By creating timeless works of photography and videography, we put our hearts and souls into giving you cherished memories to share with all your loved ones. 

We enjoy getting to know each couple and their family in order to capture their story on camera. We travel wherever needed, domestically or abroad, with our primary locations being in South Florida and North Carolina. 

As professional photographers, we take pride in our work. We consistently exceed the expectations of our clients by producing only the highest quality images and artistic designs. Investing in professional results in a lifetime of memories that The Wedding Traveler team will be honored to help you obtain. 

For a glimpse into our very own love story, click here for our wedding pictures! 



Over the years Dani and I, have had a lot of help to grow. In doing so, we have created an amazing team. Together we accomplished many challenges.


Meet Juan, Renso, Cristina, Camilo, and Fabian, our wonderful team.



Always using new and top-of-the-line equipment, we take a wide selection of heartwarming pictures to share with friends and family. Our team takes pride in going to any lengths to capture only the very best of our clients.


A picture may be worth a thousand words, but videos are a priceless way to relive your special day, time, and time again. We will record your event so you can experience every moment as if you stepped back in time to the most memorable day of your lives.


We offer a timeless experience with the albums we can provide in order to highlight the best moments of your love story for all to see.


Moved by the love and joyous festivities that take place at weddings, we compile some of the best pictures of your ceremony and project them in a sentimental slideshow that can be seen by all the same day of your wedding.


Nothing beats an aerial view of the festivities that take place during a wedding, and, with our high-end drones, we can capture some of the best angles from the most significant scenes.


You might be wondering, do they only cover weddings? Absolutely not! For other corporate projects, we tackle such as brand identity development, video production, professional headshots, or product photography, visit our sister site: Emotion Works

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